If you could sit next to anybody, who would it be and what would you say to them?



Let’s be real. If Malia were a guy, Stiles would hate him.

"What is the point of him? I mean seriously, what is his purpose, aside from the constant rude comments and lack of human empathy?"

amazing what a pair of breasts can do on teen wolf




Peter had the IDEA of the dead pool (he still isn’t the benefactor).

So Meredith was/is The Benefactor.

Lydia’s nan made the dead pool and had a computer installed in her lake house that gave out commands for the list and told people who to kill and so forth.

And yet all anyone takes away from this is that Peter is a bad guy.

He didn’t want it to happen. He said himself he wasn’t himself, he didn’t even remember it and he wouldn’t have put his nephew and daughter on the list.

Why would they take Peter’s word that he didn’t want the deadpool to happen? Peter hasn’t exactly proven to them that he’s a trustworthy person. This is the same guy who killed a bunch of people, attacked a teenage girl, killed his own niece, and is now planning to kill Scott (a teenage boy). They blame him because he’s a bad guy and because technically the deadpool IS his fault. Derek and Malia being on the list keeps the continuity of Peter attacking his family members. He’s already killed one of his nieces. Why not his nephew and the daughter he barely knows too?  

Gunna do this in bullet points. 

Peter hasn’t exactly proven to them that he’s a trustworthy person. 

That wasn’t my point but I’ll go with it anyway. With the most adults and characters in the show he has proven to be more trustworthy than most. If he was untrustworthy then they wouldn’t have called him with the Nogitsune when Scott and Lydia went into Stiles mind. Even Lydia went to him about her Banshee powers. For a guy who can’t be trusted those are two pretty big situations that needed to be trusted. 

same guy who killed a bunch of people

Same guy that those people had burned alive and killed his whole family, including children, all because they didn’t like what they where.  Yup. That totally makes Peter the bad guy for getting retribution and revenge for people descimateing and literally burning his family. They killed a bunch of people for a redicuouls reason. Actually, no, I’not even going to call it a reason because it isn’t valid enough to be called that. Hate on them, not him. Peter was a victim.

attacked a teenage girl

That was wrong of him. He shouldn’t have done that and what he did to Lydia was wrong but he didn’t want to be dead. I wouldn’t want to be.  I’m sure if there was another way he would have done it. He has also protected Lydia from the Nogitsune when he stepped in front of her/held out his own to protect her. That was him making a start to help her after he had done all that to her.

 killed his own niece

He wasn’t himself when he killed Laura. He hadn’t fully healed physically in his mind or his body  and it wasn’t until he became alpha that he had. Ian said at Wolfsbane 2 that Peter regrets what he did and would bring Laura back from the dead if he could.

 is now planning to kill Scott (a teenage boy)

That’s what he has told Kate. I don’t think he would kill Scott. He’s never actually confirmed that is his plan. He’s never denied it either, I kow that, but he has never confirmed Not to Kate and not to Jennifer.  I don’t think that is his plan. He wouldn’t voice his plan this early on in his game. 

 keeps the continuity of Peter attacking his family members.

The only ones he attacked was Laura and I’ve alerady explained that. There is Derek when they had that little fight but that was wasn’t just him. That was Derek attacking Peter as much as Peter attacking Derek. Peter isn’t one to just attack people. He has reasons and there isn’t enough for him attacking family members to be a thing. 

Why not his nephew and the daughter he barely knows too? 

Well, because Peter cares for them. He wants them in his pack for when he is alpha again. Ian said Peter wants Derek as his anchor and if he wanted something he wouldn’t kill it because then he could never have it. Why not Malia? Because Peter is very vain and that means he would want to keep Malia safe and with him. She is his, in his mind. In fact getting back to Derek look at the episode when he got an axe in the chest to protect Derek from The Mute which he then killed and rippped off its hand to stop it even though he was poisoned. And what did he say when he got attacked? He asked for Derek. He wouldn’t care or help him so much if he wanted to kill him.


Stiles: "We let him walk around like it never happened. Like he’s one of the good guys.  Scott, he’s not one of the good guys.


He is literally the most beautiful person ever!


He is literally the most beautiful person ever!